Our Mission
Tiba Power Solutions' mission is to develop cooperation and invention to contribute the best products to globalize standard establishment methods of the highest level of quality throughout our organization.
What we Do?
Tiba Power Solutions has become a leading distributor and expert solution provider in the Energy and Oil & Gas industry field. Furthermore, Tiba Power Solutions has experience in support large projects. We can offer customers superior solutions from designing, sampling, and developing to accumulating, with factories, distribution warehouses and sales offices located in North America.
Our Company's Values
Tiba Power Solutions sets the platform of presenting our customer with quality products, energy saving solutions, and outstanding customer supports.
How to get Support?
If you have a concerns or a comment, please contact us by flling the form or Email us at: support@tibapowersolutions.com with your questions.
Where can you find us?
Tiba Power Solutions is located in West Palm Beach, conveniently near the Palm Beach International Airport. Click Here to get address map
Why you choose our Company?
Tiba Power Solutions brings innovation and technology Providing Complete Solutions in Energy and Oil & Gas to produce high-performance, high-efficiency solutions that enrich our environment. Our knowledge, experience and commitment is to innovate growth in technology related to our products and continue to provide the best that industry has to offer to our customers.

Email Addresses


Call us:

Local: 1 (561)687-7820
Fax: 1 (561)-697-8720

We strive to provide Our Customers with Top Notch Support!
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